Avalon A1066 50T SHA256 ASIC Miner BTC Bitcoin Miner (Used)

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Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Description:
1. Rated calculation power: 50TH/S(-3% to +3%)
2. Wall power consumption: 3250W/h(-5% to +8%)
3. Energy consumption ratio: 65W/T(-5% to +5%)
4. Number of chips: (16 nm A3205 chip) 342 pieces
5. Fan: 4*12038 FAN
6. Operating environment: -5 ° C to 35 ° C
8. Indoor noise: 75db
9. Geometric size: 325mm*195mm*292mm
10. Weight: 9kg
BTC BCH Miner Avalon A1066 50T SHA256 Asic Miner

About Canaan AvalonMiner 1066 Features and Highlights

With the miner being ASIC supported, it means you can monitor the process from anywhere. You don’t need to stay around as the miner does its thing. All you need to do is keep mining and ensure you closely monitor the performance. Other notable coins to mine with this unit include Acoin, Joulecoin, Peercoin, Terracoin, and more. There are several notable mining pools associated with this unit. These include NiceHash, Poolin, ViaBTC, and more.

Interested buyers can get this miner direct from the manufacturer or selected stores. Mining Wholesale is the main distributor of this unit.

Dimensions of the Canaan A1066

The size of the miner is 195*292*331mm and weighs 11.4Kgs. Once you take a look at the miner, you will immediately notice it’s larger than other miners. It also comes with more fans to help with cooling. The dimensions allow us to note that the miner is best suited for home use and industrial mining. Those who want to have an industrial set up should consider the space the miner takes.

Efficiency of the miner

It comes with an efficiency rate of 0.065j/Gh, which is what everyone should consider. It’s one of the biggest efficiencies in the industry. The reason for this huge efficiency rate is power consumption. A huge efficiency must be backed by large mining power. With the maximum power consumption being 3250W, this is one of the largest in the market. The miner ensures you mine faster and more coins, thus the high-efficiency rate.


1. Price list:

Contact us to get latest price list everyday.

2. Hash Rate:

+-5% is within the normal range.

3. Payment:

100% payment received to comfirm the order. USDT, TT(Wire transfer), Credit card, Paypal, Alipay and CNY(RMB) payment are acceptable.

4. Warranty: Brand New miner:

Bitmain, MircoBT, Cannana and Innosilicon will offer 180 days warranty (Count from the date the miner send out from the factory) Used miner: No warranty available but manufactures offer lifetime after-sales service, like repair.

5. Test:

All used miner will be fully tested before we send them out.


Express, speical line, DDP, by air, and by sea are available. For more details, please contact us.

7. Lead Time:

Brand new: 3-4 days Used: 3-10 days

8. Return/Refund:

Once you make the payment, we DO NOT accept return or refund. Please be aware of this.

Model Number

Avalon A1066-#0170

Brand Name


Hash Rate

50TH/S(-3% to +3%)

Wall power consumption

3250W/h(-5% to +8%)

Energy consumption ratio

65W/T(-5% to +5%)

Operating environment

-5 ° C to 35 ° C

Indoor noise